Hempstead County Sheriff

James A. Singleton

    Sheriff Singleton has been serving Hempstead County for 11 years.

To: The Citizens of Hempstead County


I would like to take this opportunity to thank the citizens of Hempstead County for allowing me to serve as your sheriff and collector it has truly been an honor to serve Hempstead County as your Sheriff.


Since taking office January 1, 2011, we have accomplished much in a short period, along with the support of the Quorum court we have established educational pay incentives for the deputies, which allow the deputies to pursue higher education that will benefit them financially when completed by allowing them to receive additional pay based upon the type Law Enforcement Certification they attain. It is possible for a deputy to earn as much as $3,600.00 additionally to their annual salary depending on time of service, training, and education received. This not only benefits each individual deputy but allows the Sheriff’s Office to put a better educated, trained and professional law enforcement officer on the roads of Hempstead County.


Deputies have completed over 1600 hours of training and detention officers have received over 600 hours of training in 2011. Not only have I required deputies to seek out training I was the only Arkansas Sheriff selected to attend the Arkansas Leader Course a week long executive course conducted by the Criminal Justice Institute and one of two Arkansas Sheriff’s selected to attend the 101st session of the National Sheriff’s Institute in 2011.


We have operated within our established budget and received several grants to help us provide the Citizens with up to date cutting edge technology and programs to not only to help in the fight against criminals but to better educate our children against the dangers, pressures and temptations they face every day.


I believe that interagency cooperation and citizen support are critical to successful law enforcement in Hempstead County as your Sheriff, I will continue to work with all agencies and citizen group’s to improve the quality of Law enforcement in Hempstead County.


We have aggressively sought out drug dealers, and criminals that prey on the young and elderly we have adopted a no tolerance policy on underage drinking and those who provide alcohol to our youth, We have established a Crimes against Children division by assigning an investigator to investigate all crimes perpetrated against children such as on line sexual predators and sexual crimes against children. In 2011 we have filed 94 felony drug cases, seized over $250,000 in drugs, confiscated automobiles and bank accounts of drug dealers. We have a very dedicated criminal investigation and Drug Task Force unit that works very well with State, Federal and Local law enforcement agencies to bring criminals to justice. 



For the first time in over 11 years The Sheriff’s Office along with the support of the Prosecuting Attorney’s office have established the DARE program in all the county schools we have a certified deputy teaching the 5th and 6th grade students about the dangers of drugs and alcohol. The sheriff’s office will bring the DARE message to over 800 5th and 6th grade students this school year. With the help of a $10,000.00 grant we are educating young people about the dangers of underage drinking and the use of tobacco products.


Our detention center continues to rate among the best in the state we have recently updated the entire security system with digital cameras and monitors. We have installed a padded cell to help us deal with violent and mentally unstable persons that are brought into our facility. We received a grant to help install a video arraignment system in the detention center, courtroom, and judge’s office to allow persons in custody to receive a first appearance from a secure area in the detention center, creating less danger to the general public in transporting persons to and from court. It also allows detention officers and court personnel to be more efficient and timely in conducting first court appearances. 


The sheriff’s office has established a search and rescue and Dive Team unit with the help from a grant received by Homeland Security we will receive a custom built rescue boat to be used in search and recovery operations, along with a military Humvee that was given to the sheriff’s office through the defense reutilization program.


We have completely upgraded our evidence system by installing a bar code system that allows deputies to tag and search for evidence using a top of the line computer based system that allows us to process and retrieve evidence more efficiently. We have also installed a scanning system that will allow the sheriff’s and detention center to start preparations to go to an almost paperless system over the next few years. By entering all reports, and jail records into the system it will reduce the amount of paper used and the amount of files cabinets and storage space needed to keep records. Some records are required to be kept 99 years this system also allows offsite storage back up in case of a disaster.


These are only a few of accomplishments my first year in office, there are many more, and we have more to do this next year. I pledge that I will continue to improve the sheriff’s Department’s skills; techniques and training to make sure all Hempstead County Citizens are provided with professional, honest, and caring service in all parts of Hempstead County.  


 May God Continue to Bless



James A. Singleton, Sheriff