Inmate Funds

     If you desire to furnish funds for an inmate at the Hempstead County Detention Center use the following procedures:


1.     Purchase a money order in the amount that you choose to provide for the inmate.


2.     Put the inmates name on the money order.


3.     Mail the money order via the U.S. Postal Service to the inmate as follows:


        (Inmates Name)

        Hempstead County Detention Center

        312 South Washington St.

        Hope, AR 71801


     Upon receipt of the money order the inmate will sign the money order and the funds will be place in his/her account.


     Help us provide quick and easy service in providing funds to the inmates that are incarcerated here by complying with the above directions.


     Thank You.



NOTE:   This facility does NOT accept personal checks, nor will we accept money orders that are not mailed to this facilty.