2013 Press Releases

Arrest in ATV Theft

Deputies Make Arrest in ATV Theft

Hempstead County Deputies arrested 34 year old Terry Wayne Carter of Nashville, Arkansas for Theft by Receiving for his involvement with the theft of Sen. Jim Hill’s ATV.

 Senator Hill reported the theft on Monday, December 24th along with 60 gallons of diesel fuel. The burglary occurred at Hill’s farm south of Nashville.



Hempstead County & Howard County deputies continue to investigate and more arrest are possible as the investigation continues.

Arrest For Battery on A Detention Officer

Hempstead County Sheriff

Media Release

January 11, 2012


Battery 2nd Degree on a Detention Officer

On January 10, 2013 at approximately 3:15 p.m.  Deputy Matt Dunham was contacted by Hope Police Detective Greg Harper. Who advised that he had a warrant for Meghan Gentry. Detective Harper requested Dunham to go to 241 Hempstead 184 and arrest her.

Deputy Dunham and Deputy Featherston arrived at the residence to find the door was standing open. Deputies knocked on the door several times and announced themselves but nobody ever came to the door.

 Deputy Dunham contacted the property owner, and advised her that the door to her residence was open. The property owner told deputy Dunham that Meghan should be inside the residence. The owner told the deputies to enter the residence and make sure that everything is ok.

Deputy Featherston and Dunham then entered the residence.  And found Ms. Gentry lying on the bed     and appeared to be intoxicated or under the influence of some sort of narcotic due to her slurring her speech could not open her eyes.      

Deputies arrested Ms. Gentry on the warrant from Hope Police.     

While on the way to jail Gentry started beating her head on the passenger side back window, screaming and yelling.

As deputies arrived at the sally port, Gentry kicked Detention Sgt. Mauldin about three times in the torso area and began resisting the officers. She was placed in the padded cell and later taken to Wadley Reg. at Hope to determine what type substance she had taken after about three hours she was returned to the HCDF where she remains pending a first court appearance on the Charge of Battery in the second Degree on a Detention Officer, as well as the warrant from Hope PD. Sgt. Mauldin sustained minor injuries in the incident.

Arrests Made in Financial Identity Fraud, Theft of Property

      On January 1, 2013 at approximately 4:20 P.M. Deputy Matthew Dunham was dispatched to 5452 Highway 371, Blevins Red-E-Mart, in reference to a fraud.

Upon arrival he made contact with the owner of the store who told Deputy Dunham that he believes that one of his managers has been taking money by refunding money on credit cards.    The owner stated that he noticed that there has been approximately $5,600.00 worth of returns on credit cards.  

Hempstead County Investigator Justin Crane assigned to the case discovered that not only one of the supervisors were involved in the fraud and theft another current employee, and one former employee had also been refunding by scanning debit cards or credit cards from the store.

The investigation is currently ongoing with three arrests resulting as of this date; more arrest could be forthcoming depending upon the final outcome of the investigation.


Arrested and charged with Theft of Property and Financial Identity Fraud both Class C Felonies were;

Jennifer Lynn White 31, of Blevins who was employed as the store’s manager at the time of her arrest January 2, 2013,

Both Kimberly Lawhon 47, of Nashville, Arkansas a former employee & Current employee Patricia Ann Lancaster 43, of Blevins, Arkansas were arrested on January 4, 2013 all were transported to the HCDF where they will await a first court appearance.





Upon further investigation it was discovered that Lancaster was wanted in Talladega County, Alabama on numerous counts of Theft of Property and Fraudulent use of a Credit or Debit Card. Lancaster will be held pending extradition back to Talladega County, Alabama.  

The   amount of loss for the Blevins Redi-Mart is estimated to be $5,600.00 which could rise upon completion of the investigation.


Sheriff and P.C. Visit County Schools

Hempstead County Sheriff’s Office

Media Release

November 13, 2012


The Hempstead County Sheriff’s Office and the Arkansas Sheriff’s Association teamed up Monday and Tuesday to bring P.C. the talking Patrol Car to Students of the Garrett Memorial Christian School, Spring Hill, and Blevins School’s. The program is designed for K-3 and 4th, 5th, and Sixth Graders, P.C. the Robot Patrol car uses his sense of humor to bring a message on the dangers of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Drugs to the Students.  P.C. the Patrol Car and the Project A.R.K. lecturers travel throughout Arkansas presenting programs to kindergarten through third grade students. P.C. speaks to over 100,000 children each year.

If your school, church or organization is interested in having the team do a program please contact Sheriff James Singleton to arrange a date and time. The Arkansas Sheriff’s Association also has the following programs.


K-3RD GRADE (At Risk Kids)

 Project A.R.K. is a program utilized by the ASA to teach children about the dangers of tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs of abuse.  


4 - 6th Grade (Positive Outlook with Educational Resources)

 P.O.W.E.R. is a special educational program designed especially for individuals in grades four through six. This information focuses on educating these people about the effects and consequences of drug use.


Criminal Mischief 1st degree, Terroristic Threatening, Domestic Battery 3rd Degree and Battery 3rd Degree. 

On the 8th of November, 2012 at approximately 1502 hours, Deputy Freddie Parks was dispatched to 824 Hempstead 14, in reference to a dispute over a vehicle.  Upon arriving in the area he met with Johnny Jefferson and Eric Bishop on the road near the residence.  Johnny told me that he was attempting to move his vehicle to another residence but that his girlfriend, identified as Mae Witherspoon would not allow it. 

Johnny's friend Eric Bishop stated that Mae had approached him and scratched him on the arm.     Eric Bishop stated that he had observed Mae pour, what he believed to be sugar, into the gas tank of the vehicle. And take several items out of the vehicle.  Johnny told me that they were in a borrowed vehicle and were afraid that Mae would attempt to damage it.  They said that they pulled out to the road to wait for my arrival. Johnny followed me to 824 Hempstead 14.

Upon arrival, Deputy Parks observed a white Chevrolet pick-up parked at the residence.  With   three of the four tires flat. The fourth tire was leaking and had cut marks on it. The fiberglass citizen band antenna was broken the radio had been pulled from the dash, the side mirrors were badly scratched and it appeared that a white grainy substance had been poured in the tank.  The spare tire also had cut marks. 


 Mae Witherspoon met Deputy Parks at the truck.  The Deputy asked Mae what had happened at the residence.  Mae told Deputy Parks that she damaged the truck because Johnny had wanted to leave her

Mae Witherspoon was arrested and charged with Criminal Mischief 1st degree, Terroristic Threatening, Domestic Battery 3rd Degree and Battery 3rd Degree.  She is being in the Hempstead County Detention Center pending a first appearance.

Deputies Serve Arrest & Search Warrant

Drug Arrest

Hempstead County Deputies, South Central Drug Task Force Agents, and officers of the Hope Police Department served an Arrest Warrant & Search Warrant for illegal drugs at 609 North Main Street in Hope on Thursday November 8, at approximately 8:48 AM.

Arrested for Possession of Controlled Substance with purpose to deliver (Crack Cocaine) Possession of Drug Paraphernalia and Maintaining a Drug Premises was 35 year old Kofey Spencer who is on Parole.

Deputies seized six individual packages of suspected marijuana, digital scales, handgun ammunition, a police scanner and cell phones from the home.

The arrest stems from an undercover operation conducted by the Hempstead County Sheriff’s Office and the South Central Drug Task Force.

Spencer is in the Hempstead County Detention Center awaiting a First court appearance.

Hempstead County Sheriff

Media Release

October 24, 2012


On October 23, 2012 at approximately 1520 hours Deputies were dispatched to 468 Highway 355 in reference to a suspect attempting to steal metal from their property.

While en route dispatch advised deputies that the caller said the suspects left in a white 90's model extended cab.  

Upon arrival Deputy Matthew Dunham made contact with the victim. While speaking with the victim Investigator Gary Dorman and Investigator Justin Crane were in the area attempting to locate the vehicle.

The victim told deputy Dunham that she was headed home and drove by an old house that belongs to her father in law. She stated that she observed a white ford truck sitting in the yard. She told deputies that she stopped and went up to the house. And there were two white male subjects loading metal into the back of their truck. She stated that she told them that they had no business there and they sped off.

Investigators Dorman and Crane located the suspect vehicle at 586 Highway 355 and took three suspects into custody 23 year old Joseph Thomas Bittle, 19 year old John Huddleston, and 46 year old William Rigney all three were transported to the Hempstead County Detention Center and booked on Theft Of Property (Scrap Metal) and are awaiting a first court appearance.   




Arrest For Possession of Controlled Substance

  On 10/20/2012 Deputy Charlie Featherston was dispatched to 280 Hempstead 32 in reference to a report of seventeen people in the trees on the caller’s property. 

 Upon arrival Deputy Featherston noticed a white male, later identified as John Young 44 of Nashville, Ar. wearing blue jeans and a yellow T-shirt walking towards his patrol unit.

John Young told Deputy Featherston that there were people in the trees by the road.  Game and Fish Officers Dennis Hovarter and Jeff Neel, Reserve Deputy Lonnie Friend arrived Young also was telling them that there were people in the trees.  John stated the people had been in the trees all day and would not speak with him.  John stated that he had offered one a cigarette and an orange Gatorade. The officers spoke with John's fiancée who stated John had taken some muscle relaxer and Hydrocodone earlier that day.  She said that she hasn't seen anybody in the trees. 

Deputies placed Young into custody for Public intoxication while searching Young deputies discovered that in his left front pocket of his blue jeans he had a prescription bottle with no label. The bottle had several different types of pills in it. 

Young told the deputies the pills were Hydrocodone, Somas, and Xanax.   that he had snorted two and a half of Hydrocodone pills. John said that he snorts the Hydrocodone because they make him sick if he takes them by mouth.


Young was transported to the Hempstead County Detention Facility Young was booked on Public Intoxication and Possession of Controlled Substance where he awaiting a First Court Appearance.



Wanted For Aggrevated Assault with a Firearm

Hempstead County Sheriff

Media Release

October 19, 2012


 On Friday October 19, at approximately 10:40 am, Hempstead County Deputies responded to a 911 call of shots being fired at 3970 highway 67 west.

Deputy Jerry was the first deputy to arrive at the location and contacted Leo Flenoy who advised him that he and three others were assisting in the moving of a mobile home, when a shot from a what they thought was a rifle hit the tractor where he and the others were standing. 

According to witnesses the shot came from the property of Louis Lee Hopson who had been in a disagreement with the persons that were attempting to put a mobile next to his property.

A vehicle registered to Mr. Hopson was found at the scene and a loaded 12 gauge single shot shotgun was observed to be lying in the front seat. Upon examination deputies determined the shotgun to be loaded and took it in their possession for safekeeping. No spent rounds were found near the vehicle. Witnesses maintained that  the shot that struck the tractor did not sound like a shotgun but a large caliber handgun or rifle. Upon examination of the tractor investigators determined that the shot was a solid shot such as one that may have come from a rifle or handgun.

Deputies entered a house on the property with the assistance of Hope Police Officers and determined that Hopson had fled the area on foot.

Arkansas State Police was requested to fly the area in their helicopter and did so for about 45- min to an hour without results . The ground search and air search was discontinued at about 3:00 Pm. However deputies and Troopers remain on roving patrols in that area.


The Hempstead County Sheriff’s Office is looking for 41 year old Louis Lee Hopson of Hope, He is described as 5’11’ 160 lbs, black grayish hair. If anyone should come in contact with Mr. Hopson please Call your local police and sheriff , or Dial 911.

Mr. Hopson is considered armed and dangerous. 


Hempstead County Sheriff

Media Release

September 21, 2012,  


The Sheriff’s Office is notifying the public that a Level 4 Registered Sex Offender (Sexually Violent Predator) has moved into the County and is now residing at a new address in Hempstead County.


NAME:                       Curtis Otis Brown Jr.


DATE OF BIRTH:   11/27/1976


NEW ADDRESS:    76 Bream Street

                               Hope, Arkansas 71801


This offender’s most recent conviction was for Rape (2) counts; and Carnal Abuse- First Degree These offenses involve the offender fondling the vagina of a (2-3) year old female with his finger and penis and penile-vaginal Intercourse. The victim contracted a sexually transmitted disease from the offender. The offender reported he had a 6 year old male perform oral sex.


This offender previously resided in the Lewisville, Arkansas area.


This person is not wanted by law enforcement at this time.  This notification is not intended to increase fear; rather it is our belief that an informed public is a safer public.  This information cannot be used to threaten, intimidate, or harass Registered Sex Offenders.  Citizen abuse will not be tolerated.  Such abuse could potentially end law enforcement’s ability to do community notification.                                               



 On 07/23/12 Deputy Charlie Featherston was dispatched to 3511 Highway 355 in Fulton in reference to a security guard at the Turk Plant being kidnapped. While in route dispatch, advised that Sherry Jackson, a security guard had located the missing security guard Tonya Hicks at 1325 Highway 195 South.

Deputy Featherston met with Sherry Jackson and Tonya Hicks. Ms. Jackson stated that she was contacted around 0521 hours by the guard shack in reference to a missing guard. She was told by the guard shack that the last time they had contact with guard Tonya Hicks was around 0342 hours.

Ms. Jackson said that she tried to call Hicks several times by cellular phone and was unable to make contact.  Ms. Jackson said around 0549 hours Hicks finally answered her phone. Hicks told her that two black males had gotten in the security company’s Kubota RTV and drove through the woods and had a wreck. Sherry called 911 around 0600 hours in reference to this incident.

Hicks stated that she had pulled up to what they call Rails Burg gate. She said when she started to turn around, a black male wearing a gray shirt and blue jeans jumped into the passenger side of the Kubota RTV and threw an air tank in the back.

Hicks said the male told her to drive between the gate and railroad tracks towards Highway 195 South. Hicks said when she drove through the gate; stocky built black male wearing blue jeans pushed her towards the middle of the seat. Hicks said that she was in between both subjects. Hicks said the stocky male was driving and the other male was on the passenger side.  

As they drove towards highway 195 south, they went under the 195 bridge, and came up on the south side of the bridge. They then turned right on Hempstead 49. Hicks said that one male stated that this isn't the right way. Hicks said they   turned around, returned to Highway 195 South, and turned right onto the highway.

Hicks said that while driving down, the road the driver would turn the lights on then off. She said that they would pull into the woods then come back out onto the roadway. Hicks stated the driver pulled into the woods, she didn't know if it was a trail or not. She said the Kubota RTV was bouncing a lot and it was dark. Hicks told deputies that Kubota RTV was driven over a stump, causing it to roll over on its side. She said that the passenger got up and ran around the Kubota RTV. Hicks said that she pulled out her pocket knife and cut the driver in the lower part of his body. And threw the knife in the woods. Hicks said she started walking in the direction she thought was towards the Turk Plant. She said that she ended up on Highway 195 South around the 1300 hundred block.

Upon further investigation investigators were able to determine that no kidnapping took place. After being interviewed Hicks confessed that she made up the story about being kidnapped and cutting someone, but did assist a male subject carry out a generator from one of the construction companies in the back of the security company’s Kubota RTV to the back gate so it could be pick up later. Investigators recovered both the Kubota RTV and the generator during the investigation.

Investigators are continuing to investigate the incident and expect to obtain a warrant for the male subject that took the generator from the construction site. And expect to make another arrest sometimes today.

Tonya Hicks age 41 of Emmet, Arkansas was arrested for Filing a False Police Report, Theft of Property over $2,500.00 and Theft of Property over $1,000.00 but under $2,500.00. She is awaiting a First Court Appearance.





Update on Incident at Turk Plant

JULY 27, 2012

Four More Arrests


Further investigation by investigators on the incident at the Turk Plant involving security guard Tonya Hicks Has resulted in four suspects being arrested along with suspect Tonya Hicks.

On Thursday July 26, 2012, Hempstead County Sheriff’s Investigators arrested 32 year old Timothy Logan Pollock of Hope, his wife 32 year old Amanda Faulkner Pollock of Hope, 23 year old Sarah Elizabeth Cole of Hope, and 39 year old William Faulkner Jr. of Hope in connection with the theft of a Kubota RTV and generator that was stolen sometimes on July 23, 2012.

Timothy Pollock and his wife Amanda Pollock were booked on Theft of Property over $2,500.00 a Class C Felony and Conduct Constituting Conspiracy a class D Felony, Bond for the Pollock’s was set at $25,000.00 with a court date of September 10, 2012, by Circuit Judge Randy Wright via video.

William Faulkner Jr. was booked for Theft of Property over $2,500.00 a Class C Felony, and Conduct Constituting a Conspiracy a class D Felony his bond was also set at $25,000.00 with a September 10, 2012 court date.

Sarah Elizabeth Cole was booked for Theft of Property over $2,500.00 a class C Felony, and Conduct Constituting Conspiracy a Class D Felony her bond was set at $5,000.00 with a September 10, 2012 Court date.

Tonya Hicks age 41 of Emmet, Arkansas was arrested on July 23, for Filing a False Police Report, Theft of Property over $2,500.00 and Theft of Property over $1,000.00 but under $2,500.00. Ms. Hicks also appeared by video on July 26, he bond was set at $5,000.00 with a court date of September 10, 2012.  As of Today all remain in Custody.



160 Pounds of Marijuana Found inside Bar B Que Smoker on I-30 in Hempstead County

On Tuesday July 10, 2012, at approximately 12:32 P.M. 40 year old JENARO ZUNIGA of Dallas, Texas and 40 year old JOSE DEJESUS DUARTE of Duncanville, Texas were booked into the Hempstead County Detention on charges of Possession with Purpose to deliver after approximately 160 pounds of marijuana was found in a Bar B Que Smoker being pulled by 1999 Ford F-350 Dually occupied by the two near the 23 Mile marker Eastbound on I -30.


A.S.P. Trooper Adam Pinner conducted a traffic stop at approximately 9:00 A.M. on the 1999 Ford F-350 and called deputies to assist. Inv. Gary Dorman and Captain Frank Mc Junkins responded to Pinners location.


After being advised by Pinner of his discovery Inv. Dorman and Mc Junkins drove the truck back to the Hempstead County Sheriff’s Sallyport where it could be inventoried.


After the marijuana was inventoried it was taken by Inv. Dorman and Trooper Pinner to the Crime Lab at the UACCH campus.   


The truck and smoker were seized and stored in the Sheriff’s Impound Yard at the Detention Center.  


Both Zungia and Duarte are being held at the HCDC pending a First Court Appearance


Arrest for Controlled Substance

 On 07/08/12 at approximately 1735 hours, Deputy Michael Braddock was patrolling on   Arkansas Highway 278 West approximately two miles south of Hope. Where he observed a dark blue car traveling on highway 278 West at a high rate of speed.  

Deputy Braddock conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle. The driver of the vehicle identified himself as Bruce E. Witherspoon, age 28 of Hope. After checking Witherspoon’s driver’s license he discovered that Witherspoon’s license was suspended and that Howard County had a warrant for Failure to comply with a Court Order on Witherspoon.

Deputy Braddock arrested Witherspoon and during a search of Witherspoon’s person the deputy found a clear plastic baggie containing a vegetable material believed to be marijuana in the suspect’s front pocket.



After gaining permission to search the vehicle deputy Braddock found a larger plastic bag of vegetable substance under the passenger seat of the vehicle.

Witherspoon was arrested for Driving on Suspended license, Possession of Controlled Substance Marijuana and the warrant from Howard County. He was transported to the HCDF. A hold for Witherspoon was requested from Howard County. When released from Hempstead County he will be transported to Howard County to face charges there.








 On 07/03/12 at approximately 1800 hours, Deputy Michael Braddock received report from a Citizen in Blevins, in reference to him being the victim of a Scam.  

The Victim said that he had received a phone call from a person who identified himself as Agent Malone telling him congratulations that he had won a new car and $255,000.

Victim said that this all started on 05/11/12. He said that Agent Malone told him that all he had to do was send him a money gram for $600.00. Victim said that he went to Wal-Mart and sent the first money gram to Pine Bluff, AR. addressed to Brenda Ward for $600.00.  

Victim said that Agent Malone called him back and told him that he would have to send another money gram to Pine Bluff, AR. for $600.00. Victim said that he sent the money gram on 06/18/12 to a Brenda Ward once again.

Victim said that he received another call from Agent Malone telling him that he would have to do another money gram, this time he needed to send it to St. Mary, Jamaica for $100.00 to a Michael McKenzie. Victim said that he was then to send another money gram to St. Mary, Jamaica addressed to Latoya Clarke for $125.00.


Victim said that on 07/03/12 Agent Malone called him and told him that he would need to send another money gram for $550.00. Victim said that he told Agent Malone that he couldn't sent him the money. Victim said that Agent Malone then told him that he could send a money gram for $350.00 instead.

Victim said when Agent Malone called him a different phone number showed up on his phone as   Victim said that Agent Malone told him that if he sent the money gram today on 07/03/12 that he would receive the money and car today on 07/03/12.

Victim said that he has not sent the money to Agent Malone yet. And that he has not received his new car or his money at this time.

Deputy Braddock advised the victim that this was a scam and would never see the new car or $255,000.     

Victim said that he has been dealing with Agent Malone for approximately one month now. Victim said that Agent Malone told him that all the money he was sending to them was for a delivery fee, so that he could receive the money and car. Victim provided the money gram receipts and the Wal-Mart receipt's to Deputy Braddock.

Deputy Braddock called the phone numbers where the phone calls originated from and the phone numbers listed on the money gram receipts, He didn't get an answer from anyone.  

Please remember and be alert for this type Scam we are receiving more and more calls from victims who have fallen prey to this type of scam.

Remember if you receive a call from anyone wanting you to send a money gram or money order to receive a large prize or large sums of money please just hang up the phone. Most call originates from foreign countries through a third party and is almost impossible to trace it back to the one responsible for the Scam.


Just remember If you receive a call out of the blue telling you that you have won a large sum of money vehicle, or anything else please do not send any money and report it to your local Law Enforcement Agency immediately.








Possession With Purpose To Deliver Cocaine, Officers Seize 6 kilos of Cocaine


Possession with Purpose to Deliver Cocaine


 On June 28, 2012 at approximately 7:30 P.M. 41 year old Saturnino Rios Banvelas was booked into the Hempstead County Detention Center on Possession with Purpose to Deliver Charges.


After a multi-agency operation conducted by the Hempstead County Sheriff’s Office, South Central Drug Task Force, Arkansas State Police, Arkansas Highway Police, Drug Enforcement Agents, Arkansas National Guard, U.S. Border Patrol, U.S. Customs, and Homeland Security began earlier in the week.


Banvelas of Houston, Texas who was driving a 2110 Nissan was stopped on I-30 in near the 22 mile marker. Officers discovered a hidden compartment near the fuel tank which contained approximately six (6) Kilos of Cocaine. The cocaine was seized and Banvelas was transported to the Hempstead County Detention Center.


On Monday July 2, 2012 Banvelas was transported by Hempstead County Deputies to the Federal Courthouse in Texarkana to face federal drug charges. He will be released into Federal Custody after a hearing at 2:00 P.M. today.


Possession With Purpose To Deliver Marijuana, Officers Seize 18 Pounds

On June 29, 2012, at approximately 1:00 A.M. Hempstead County Deputies, Agents from the South Central Drug Task Force and Arkansas State Police arrested 21 year old Jose Enrique Guerrero of Progresso, Texas for Possession with Purpose to Deliver Marijuana after officers conducted a traffic stop on I-30 in Hempstead County.

Officers stopped a 2 door sliver 2001 Pontiac SE with Texas Plates during the stop officers received permission to search the vehicle. During the search a hidden compartment was discovered under the console of the vehicle. The hidden Compartment contained 18 pounds of suspected marijuana.

Guerrero was transported to the Hempstead County Detention Center where he is awaiting a first Court appearance.

This is a part of our ongoing drug investigation into the transporting of drugs in and through Hempstead County. It  is the combined effort of the Agents and Troopers of the Arkansas State Police, South Central Drug Task Force Agents,  Highway Police and Hempstead County Deputies and the excellent working relationship between agencies that keeps us in the Fight to combat Drug Traffickers in Hempstead County.


Cookout For Hempstead County Teen Injured in Accident




You may call 870-703-0412 and place your order to be delivered to your home or work

Along with many continued prayers the Laughard family will need financial help to pay for medical care for Jordan. I encourage everyone to come by the Detention Center on Friday July 27, and show your support for this young man and his family.  Please continue to keep Jordan and his family in your prayers.

May God Bless

Sheriff James Singleton & Staff

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Friday July 27, 2012

11; 00 am – 2; 00pm


 On the 29th of June, 2012 at approximately 2302 hours, the Arkansas State Police were dispatched to the 21 mile mark of Interstate 30 East Bound, in reference to a shooting.  Troopers Battle and Hale arrived at the scene at approximately 2310 hours. 

Arkansas State Police Investigators and Hempstead County Investigators were contacted to conduct the investigation.

Upon Trooper Battle's arrival, Michele Alford age 33 of Hector, Arkansas was found to have a (possible gunshot) wound to the cheek and nose area of the face. Alford was transported by helicopter to UAMS due to her injuries. 

The other occupants of the vehicle, Joe Alford age 29, of Hector, Arkansas, 15 year old Ryan Slonaker of Hector, Arkansas, and  12 year old Ethan Allison of Hector, Arkansas were escorted to the Arkansas State Police Troop G headquarters in Hope for interviews

Deputies spoke to Ryan Slonaker who stated that he had been taken to Texarkana for custody exchange.  He told Deputies that his step mother took him to Texarkana where he met his mother Michele Alford. Ryan stated that he, Michele Alford, Joe Alford, and Ethan Allison were traveling East bound on Interstate 30. And that he did not observe any vehicles in front or behind.  He stated that a vehicle without its lights on pulled up next to the vehicle he was in.  He stated that he heard "a pop and a boom." and that his mother, Michele Alford who was driving began to slow down and pull off the roadway.  Ryan said that he observed that the vehicle next to them was a dark blue or dark gray truck, possible an older model GMC extended cab.  He said that the truck slowed as they did but not at the same rate.  He said that after his vehicle stopped, the truck left at a high rate of speed.

Ryan told Deputies that he was unable to observe the license number or state of origin for the license plate of the truck. Deputies asked Ryan if they had stopped for food or gas prior to the incident.  He stated that they had stopped for gas and nothing out of the ordinary had happened when they stopped for gas.  Ryan told Deputies he did not recognize the truck. The incident is under investigation by the Arkansas State Police and The Hempstead County Sheriff’s Office. As 5:00 A.M.  Ms. Alford’s condition is not known she is being treated for a gunshot wound at UAMS.






Breaking & Entering

On 6/26/12 Sgt. Josh Powell was dispatched to 196 Highway 32 West in reference to a 911 call. 

Upon arrival he noticed two people sitting on the porch.  The deputy made contact with them and identified them as Ella Hughes and Julian Lampkins. 

Deputy Powell asked Ella why was 911 called to come to this location.  Ella stated that she had someone call for her because her husband Julian Lampkins broke into her house Ella walked around the house with Deputy Powell to show where Julian came into the house through a window

Julian had already told the deputies that he broke into the window and came into the residence.   Julian said he tried to talk to Ella but she slammed the door shut.   Julian said that a little bit later he went into the house through the window to talk to her.   


Prowler / Theft of Property

On the 26th of June, 2012 at approximately 0015 hours, Deputy Parks was dispatched to 2338 Highway 355 South, in reference to a prowler.

 Upon arrival, he met with the female caller who stated that she heard someone under her house. Deputy Parks observed a small place in the underpinning that appeared out of place at the corner of the house. And pulled the underpinning back and looked under the house.

 Deputy Parks did not observe anyone under the house.   Deputy Parks observed rat poison under the house.  The caller told Deputy Parks that she had thrown rat poison under the house at this location earlier in the day.  She said that she believed that she replace the underpinning.

The caller told me that someone had pulled the underpinning back on Sunday morning at approximately 0430 hours and had placed a "bunch of rats" under her house.  Deputy Parks asked her if she had seen the rats.  She told the deputy that she hears them crawling through the walls and in the ceiling. 

 The caller then said she had a .22 caliber rifle stolen from the house.  She said that it has been at least two months since the last time she saw the rifle.   

The caller told Deputy Parks that she believes that there is a "drifter" living in the woods or possible in one of the vacant house nearby.  Deputy Parks checked the area and the church next door to her residence.  The doors and windows to the house and the church next door to her were secure.  He did not find any foot prints in the area.

The caller stated that she was checking into insurance with her new employer and was asked if she knew she had a 250,000 dollar life insurance policy she said that she did not. 

The caller told deputy Parks that since she found out about the insurance policy, she believes someone is attempting to kill her.   

The caller was unable to provide serial numbers or make and model of the rifle.  She said that she purchased it at Wal-Mart several years ago.

Domestic Battery

On the 25th of June, 2012 at approximately 1703 hours, Deputy Freddie Parks was given the name and number for a victim in reference to a domestic battery that had occurred the previous day.

Deputy Parks made contact the female victim who stated that her ex-boyfriend had "jumped on her a little bit."  She told deputy Parks that she had been at a horse ride on Hempstead 248 the previous day.    

Victim stated that he ex-boyfriend had spoken to their daughter and had "told her some lies."  She said that the daughter was upset and told her mother about the conversation.  

Victim She said that she passed by her ex-boyfriend and that he grabbed their daughter and attempted to speak with her.  Victim told Deputy Parks that she moved her daughter away from the ex-boyfriend and she turned to walk away but the ex-boyfriend kicked her in the left leg as she was leaving.



Deputy Parks asked the victim why she had not reported the incident at the time it happened.  She stated that she had had trouble with her ex-boyfriend in the past and didn't think that anything could be done. She said that she decided today to attempt pressing the charge today. 

The victim stated that she had filed for an order of protection on this date and that she would file the domestic charge with the prosecutor's office.

Fleeing, Poss. Of Controlled Substance


On Monday June 25, at approximately 1:18 P.M. Hempstead County Deputies were dispatched to the 4200 block of Hempstead 2 in reference to a female being ran over by a vehicle. The female attempted to flag a passing vehicle down a vehicle stopped and inquired if they could help, the female requested help but the male told the passerby that she was ok and did not need any help. The male then put the female in the vehicle and fled the area.


The person, who stopped to help, followed the gray SUV type vehicle but was unable to get a license plate number and lost sight of the SUV on Melrose Lane.

Deputies and Hope City officers searched the area but were unable to locate the described SUV.


A Short time later deputies received a call from the Washington Store in reference to a white male entering the store with a white female who was bleeding. According to witnesses the white male laid the female on a table in the store left the store and went to a gray SUV removed something and took off running in a Northeast direction.


A person at the store relayed the vehicles Texas License number to officer who ran a check and discovered the 2008 Gray Chevy Trailblazer had been reported stolen from Texarkana Texas. And the occupants may have been involved in a Robbery at a Texarkana Texas Wal-Mart earlier in the day.


The female was transported to a landing zone by Pafford EMS and was flown to a Texarkana Hospital. The victim was identified as 23 year old Allison Denise Lamb of Texarkana, Arkansas; she was suffering from numerous abrasions on her body.




Deputies, Hope City Police Officers, Arkansas Game and Fish officers, and South Central Drug Task Force Agents responded to the area and a search was begun for The White Male who Was identified as Christopher William Heflin age 31 of Texarkana, Texas.


A Dog team from the Arkansas Department was requested by Sheriff Singleton the Dog Unit from the Oquicicha  River Unit in Malvern Responded arriving about an hour later.


The ADC unit, Deputies, State Park Rangers and Hope Police began a search through Old Washington. The unit found articles of clothing, Shirt, Pants, and other Items that Heflin discarded during his attempt to flee.


 At approximately 7:15 P.M.  The ADC dogs alerted to something under a house on Conway Street. Dogs were sent under the house followed by Hempstead County Deputies, and ADC officers who located Heflin under the house. Deputies were able to remove him without incident and take him into custody. Heflin was barefooted and had only his underwear on when apprehended. He was transported to the Hempstead County Detention Center and booked in on two Counts of Possession of Controlled Substance Methamphetamine, Fleeing, and Felony Leaving the Scene of Accident with Injuries, and Criminal Trespass.  He is awaiting a first Court Appearance.


Texarkana Texas investigators responded to Old Washington and processed the 2008 Chevy Trailblazer reported stolen.


Additional Charges may be brought by Hempstead County Deputies once the investigation is completed. Texarkana Texas has indicated that Heflin and possibly Allison Lamb may be suspects in the Robbery that occurred earlier this date. Several items of evidence were found by the Deputies and Dog team while searching for Heflin that could led investigators to question Heflin about the Robbery.


Ms. Lamb’s condition is not known at this time.   


Missing Person(s)

On 06/25/2012 at about 16:20 Deputy Steve Glover was dispatched to Hempstead 15, approximately 1/2 mile South of Hwy 73 in reference to a missing woman and baby.

Upon  arrival at the he met with the calling party, who  stated that he was traveling South on Hempstead 15 when he passed a white female, approximately 22 years of age wearing blue jeans, an unknown color blouse and she was pushing a baby buggy, with and infant in the buggy.


Caller stated that he did not get a good look at the baby.  he said he drove further down the road and got to thinking about how hot it was and what effect that may have on the child so he turned around to go back and pick them up and when he approached the area where he had seen her, the baby buggy was on the side of the road, but the woman and child was gone.  He then decided to call the Sheriff's Office to make a report.

Upon further investigation Deputy Glover he discovered that another person had come by and picked up the woman and baby and took them to get someone to help her change a flat tire. Both woman and baby were found to be safe.

Theft of Property

On 6-25-12, Deputy Jerry Crider was contacted over the phone by Doris Perry, in reference to a stolen license plate sticker.

Doris stated that she came to Hope, a few days ago to attend a funeral and while she was a guest at a local hotel someone removed the year decal from her license plate. The L.P. on her vehicle is 217 NYP. Doris stated that she went to the state revenue department, to replace the sticker and was told that she needed to make a police report.

Theft of Property and Vehicle

On 6-25-12, Deputy Jerry Crider was dispatched to the Arkansas Electric Cooperative Corporation at 100 AECC Road, in reference to a stolen vehicle.

Upon arrival, he met with an employee of the plant, Jason Poole. Jason stated that sometime between 2100 hours on 6-24-12 and 0730 hours on 6-25-12, someone got onto the plant property and drove away in a 2011 model Dodge pickup, white in color. Jason stated that when he arrived at the plant on this date, he noticed that the first gate to the property, off of Hempstead 1, was standing open and the mailbox had been knocked down. Jason stated that it appeared that a vehicle had driven through the gate from the inside of the fence, so he went on up to the plant office and discovered that the pickup was missing.

 On the 25th of June, 2012 at approximately 2015 hours, central dispatch was contacted by the Miller County Sheriff's department to report that the 2011 Dodge 1500 pickup truck reported stolen was found in their county.  The Miller County Sheriff's department advised that the vehicle had been burned. 

Deputies were contacted by J.R. McKinney. J.R. stated that after walking around the plant property, he discovered that there were ten or twelve large wooden spools of electrical wire missing. J.R. stated that he could not tell me how many feet of wire were missing.

Case has been assigned to the CID Division.

Dog Bite

At approximately 1954 hours on 06/24/12 Deputy Jim Bush was dispatched to 2029 Hempstead 35 north in reference to someone getting bit by the dog.

The victim a 21 year old female had already went to Howard Memorial Hospital in Nashville. She met Deputy Bush at the address when she got released.

The victim stated that her mother and father are on vacation and left a key with her grandmother to get in the house. She stated that her grandmother was in church and she did not want to wait so she climbed in through the window at the front of the house.

When she got in there was a Pit-bull dog in the house and it chased and bit her on the foot. She stated that she did not know it but the back door had been left open and that must have been how the dog got into the house.

Criminal Mischief Theft of Property

 On 06/24/12 at approximately 1427 hours, Deputy Michael Braddock was dispatched to 463 Hempstead 30, in reference to someone cutting fence and stealing fence post

Upon arrival Deputy Braddock met with the victim who said that today on 06/24/12, he noticed that someone had cut his fence and pulled up his fence post.  The victim said that he just put the fence up on Friday 06/22/12.

The victim said that whoever did this pulled up 20 red in color with sliver in color tips iron tee post at 6 feet long, valued at $3.00 a piece and cut approximately 30 feet of barb ware, valued at $50.00 a roll. He said they pulled up one cedar fence post 8 foot long, and pulled off two cross braces from the corner post


Theft of Property

At approximately 1500 hours on 06/23/12 Deputy Jimmy Bush was dispatched to 115 Hempstead 1103 in reference to a theft of property.

Upon arrival he spoke with Thomas Gray Sr. Thomas stated that sometime last night between 8 p.m. and 9 a.m. someone stole his boat motor the motor was a 6 horse power Johnson boat motor white cover, and blue in color closer to the bottom of the motor.  



RAPE/Sexual Assault

On 06-23-12 at approximately 1220 hours Deputy Justin Crane was dispatched to 101 Hempstead 39 in reference to a subject being raped.

Upon arrival he observed a female sitting on the couch through the door.  The female invited Deputy Crane into the house. Once inside deputy Crane asked the female what happened.   

The 34 year old Victim told Deputy Crane that she was taken to the Grey Hound Bus Station in Hope to await a bus to Memphis, TN. While waiting she went to the store for cigarettes. The Victim stated when she got back to the bus station she had missed her bus. She then went walking and three guys in a burgundy four door Chevrolet truck offered her a ride.  The victim said that she told them she needed to go to Blevins, but they carried her down some back roads and starting beating her.

 The victim said that they ended up at a deer camp somewhere in the county Victim stated that they kept her there all night giving her alcohol and sexually assaulting her. 

The victim described one suspect as a tall white male with red hair, but a shaved head.  She said the other was short with dark hair.  She said she couldn't remember what the other guy looked like and said there was also a small blonde headed female with the guys.  She said that sometime morning they loaded her in the truck to bring her home and they stopped in Hope where they put her in the car with the woman. 

The victim said the car was a beige colored car, but not sure what kind.  And that once they got in Blevins they stopped at a store where she purchased cigarettes and a drink.

 The victim said once they got down the road a ways the woman stopped and they put her back in the truck with the guys and then took her home.

The victim was taken to a local hospital where a sexual assault examination was conducted and evidence gathered in the case.

The matter is under investigation by the CID Division.


Theft of Property

On 06/22/12 at approximately 1730 hours, Deputy Michael Braddock was dispatched to the lobby at the Sheriff's Office, in reference to theft of property.

Upon arrival, he met with Jeremy and Shelly Whitley. Jeremy and Shelly said that on May 9, 2012, Jeremy's brother and his girlfriend was at their residence visiting them. They said that approximately a week later Shelly noticed that some of her jewelry was missing out of two of her jewelry boxes.

They said that they believe that Jeremy’s Brother and girlfriend was the ones who stolen the jewelry, because no one else has been inside their residence but them. They said that they didn't see the brother or girlfriend take the jewelry. 

Victims reported the following property stolen;

A wedding ring keep sake addition, size 5 to 6, with diamonds, gold in color, the other band that goes with the wedding ring will not be with this ring it was left at residence (was not stolen,) valued at $650.00.

Herringbone necklace, gold in color, approximately 16 inches long, that the herringbone is the biggest they make for a women's size, valued at $300.00.

Diamond ring, gold in color, with a twist like design, with slices of diamonds in it, and with strips of diamonds on it, size 7, valued at $356.00.

All of the above jewelry was located at a local pawn shop   Victims stated that the reason they had not reported this incident when they noticed the jewelry missing, was because they wanted poof that the brother had taken the Jewelry. Victim stated that an employee of the pawn shop told them that Jeremy’s brother had pawned the jewelry on May 10, 2012 and had got $175.00 for all three pieces of jewelry.

The victim told Deputy Braddock she still had more jewelry missing. And indicated that the following items were stolen.

Diamond ring, gold in color, with one diamond in the middle with twelve diamonds around the middle one, the twelve diamonds around the middle one are not in a perfect circle, more like a cluster of diamonds around the middle one, size 7, valued at $480.00.

Diamond ring, gold in color, with a zigzag pattern of diamonds, the zigzag pattern looks like a lightning bolt, size 7, valued at $154.00.

A small diamond ring, gold in color, with approximately five diamond that are zirconium, the diamonds are placed on the ring like a cluster, size 7, valued at $340.00.

Zirconium diamond tennis bracelet, sliver in color, zirconium diamond are all on the bracelet from start to end, valued at $54.00. 

The case has been assigned to the CID Division for investigation.


Press Release

June 21, 2012


 Arrests for Possession of Drug Paraphernalia /Possession Of Controlled Substance and Theft by Receiving.


 On 19 June 1012, Cpl. Justin Crane and Investigator Gary Dorman received information that David Martin was staying at a local motel in Hope. Martin had an outstanding warrant from the City of Hope Police Department and was a suspect in a theft of property case that occurred in the County.


The deputies traveled to the motel and upon arrival Deputy Matthew Dunham joined Cpl. Crane and Inv. Dorman. Cpl. Crane observed David Martin on the balcony of the second story of the hotel. Crane advised David to walk to the end of the balcony and then placed him under arrest without incident.


David stated that he was staying in room 252.  Cpl. Crane and Inv. Dorman then went to room 252 and knocked on the door. They were greeted by a white female, later identified as Ginger Cobb age 40 of Hope. There was a white male that was walking out of the bathroom, later identified as William Blount age 35 of Hope. Who seemed to be very nervous?


Inv. Dorman and Deputy Crane asked Ginger Cobb If they could enter her room and advised her of the right to refuse our entry. Ginger stated that it was fine and to come in.


Once inside the room, the deputies observed a syringe in a black bag on a table and a clear plastic baggie with residue, that was in the trash can by the door. Both items were in plain view.


Deputies then asked William Blount what he was doing in the bathroom. William stated "nothing". Deputies then walked into the bathroom and observed a footprint on the toilet lid. Deputies then asked William if he had been standing on the toilet lid. William stated that he had not. Deputies asked William to show them the bottom of his shoe. The pattern of William's shoe closely matched the print on the toilet lid.


Deputies observed a vent above the toilet. And discovered two syringes in between the wall. The space between the walls was very dusty but the syringes had no dust on them. William Blount and Ginger Cobb were then placed under arrest for possession of drug paraphernalia. They were transported to the Hempstead County Detention Center to await a first court appearance.


David Martin age 40, of Hope was arrested for two counts of theft of property and the warrant from Hope Police for forgery. He is currently awaiting a first court appearance.


During the investigation a fourth person Charles Bufkin age 42 of Murfreesboro, Arkansas arrived at the door of room 252 and knocked. Deputies opened the door and invited him inn. Upon further investigation it was discovered the Mr. Bufkin was in Possession of Controlled substance and of stolen property from a burglary that occurred in Hempstead County. Deputies seized a plastic baggie containing a green vegetable substance believed to be marijuana, and recovered a Flat Screen T.V. that had been taken from a burglary earlier in the day.


Mr. Bufkin was arrested and booked into the Hempstead County Detention Center for Possession of Controlled substance and theft by receiving. He is awaiting a first court appearance.

June 20, 2012

Possession of Marijuana With intent to Manufacture


On 20 June 2012, Investigators of the Hempstead County Sheriff’s Office were contacted by a concerned citizen. The citizen stated that he had information of outdoor marijuana grow. The citizen stated that the plants were being grown in what appeared to have been and old trampoline covered by plastic. The citizen stated that he had received this information from a person who was working in the area. The citizen stated that the grow was located at 2705 West Avenue B.


Captain Frank Mc Junkins and Inv. Gary Dorman gained access to the property that is east of the residence. In plain view from that property Inv. Dorman could see the tops of what he believed to be marijuana plants growing inside an old trampoline. The sides were covered with plastic. Inv. Dorman used a high powered "spotting scope" to see the plants more clearly. Inv. Dorman was able to confirm that the plants were in fact marijuana.


Investigators then made their way onto the property and discovered several marijuana plants inside the old trampoline. Officers seized 9 pots with thirteen plants from three to six feet tall that had the suspected marijuana plants growing from them the estimated street value of the plants is $13,000.00.


Investigators learned that the property owner lived at the residence and that he worked at a local business.  Not far from the property. Investigator’s made contact with the Property owner and asked him to come to his residence.


The Property Owner Harlan Walker age 46, and his wife, arrived at their residence at the same time. Investigators advised Mr. and Mrs. Walker of the discovery of the marijuana plants Mr. Walker told the investigators that he only had a half ounce of marijuana inside his residence and agreed to go inside with the deputies and get the marijuana.


Once inside the residence, Mr. Walker produced a tray from under a table in his bedroom that contained a baggie of marijuana, several burned marijuana cigarettes, two marijuana smoking devices, and stems.


On top of the cabinet in Harlan's bathroom, Harlan produced two cigarette packages, one contained remnants of smoked marijuana and the other contained two small baggies with marijuana seeds. Also on top of the cabinet was a small jar of marijuana leaves that appeared to have been "home grown". Mr. Walker stated that the marijuana was his and that his wife had nothing to do with it.  


  Mr. Walker after being advised of his rights and waiving those rights agreed to speak with Inv. Dorman. Mr. Walker stated that he has been addicted to marijuana all of his life. And that he wanted to grow it instead of giving money to the "Mexican cartels". Harlan stated that he was the only one involved with the marijuana.


Mr. Walker was booked into the Hempstead County Detention Center on Possession of Marijuana with intent to Manufacture and is being held pending a first court appearance.




 Stolen Property Recovery / Arrest for Theft of Property


On 6-17-12, Deputy Jerry Crider was dispatched to 1942 Hempstead 7, in reference to possible stolen property.


Upon arrival, he met with Ricky Cox and his son, Jamie Cox. Jamie stated that he lives at 349 Highway 29, Lewisville, Arkansas.


Jamie stated that on 6-16-12, George Adamson pulled into his yard, driving a roll back wrecker, with a truck frame on it. Jamie stated that George asked him if he could unload this truck frame at his house, because he did not have room for it at his house in Hope, Arkansas.


Jamie stated that he allowed George to unload it and then later on in the day, he heard that George had been arrested for commercial burglary. Jamie asked Deputy Crider to go with him to his house and check if the truck had been stolen.


Deputy Crider followed Jamie to his house and while en route to 349 Highway 29, he called Lafayette County Deputy, Randy Cox, to respond to that location. After arriving at that address, Deputy Cox and Crider, observed a large truck with a motor still attached to the frame. The truck was missing the cab compartment and the hood of this vehicle was lying on the ground, in front of the truck. The truck appeared to be like ones used to transport mobile homes. Deputy Cox and Crider were unable to locate a V.I.N. on the truck frame or the motor.


Deputy Cox stated that he would do a report and turn it in to Lafayette County Sheriff's CID, on Monday, 6-18-12.


After leaving this address, Deputy Crider remembered an incident at Bobby Allen's Wrecker Service that took place on 6-16-12, with some property being stolen. Deputy Crider contacted Sgt. Dusty Townsend of the Hope Police Department and advised him of this truck that he had just looked at. Sgt. Townsend advised me that he would check their incident reports and see if this truck was stolen from Bobby Allen's Wrecker service.


Upon further investigation it was determined the truck was the one reported stolen from Bobby Allen Wrecker service. George Adamson was arrested and charged with theft of property and placed into the Hempstead County Detention Center to await a first court appearance.



Medical Emergency Assistance



On the 17th of June, 2012 at approximately 0004 hours, Deputy Parks was dispatched to the Sandy Land Hunting Club located at the end of Hempstead 175 East, in reference to a medical emergency. 


While in route to the location, he was advised by dispatch a male subject was having trouble breathing.  Deputy Parks arrived at the location at the same time as EMS.  Deputy Parks observed a male, sitting in a chair and leaned over in front of a fan.  



EMS assisted the male into the ambulance.  Deputy Parks spoke to the male’s wife.  Who stated that they had been riding ATVs with some friend when her husband began having trouble breathing?  She said that they stopped and he asked her to pat him on the back so he could cough.  She said that they continued a short distance and that he stopped again and complained of not being able to breath.  She stated that he appeared to "pass out" and convulsed as if having a seizure.  She stated that she gave him a few rescue breaths. And took him to the hunting club for assistance. 


The male refused medical treatment and was not transported to the hospital.

 Medical Emergency Assistance


On the 16th of June, 2012 at approximately 2315 hours, Deputy Freddie Parks was dispatched to 3514 Highway 29 South, in reference to a medical emergency. 


Upon arrival, Deputy Parks observed that EMS had already arrived and had a female subject, inside the ambulance. 


The EMS technician stated that the female had called for an ambulance because she had taken two hydrocodone pills and wasn't feeling well.  He stated that after speaking with the female she stated that she had taken up to seven hydrocodone pills during the day.  She provided him with a pill bottle mark "Hydrocodone” 7.5/500 quantity 45" the prescription had been filled on 6/13/12.  Of the 45 pills prescribed, only one remained. 


The female was transported to Medical Park Hospital.  A male subject identified as the boyfriend of the female was at the residence.  Deputy Parks asked the male subject if the female had made any statements about wanting to harm herself.  The male stated that she had not; he stated that the female has had problems with pain because of an illness.


 Deputy Parks went to Medical Park Hospital and met with the female who stated that she had no intention of harming herself and insisted that she had not taken more the prescribed dosage. She stated that the prescription had been depleted because she shares the prescription with her boyfriend.




On 06/13/2012 Deputy Charlie Featherston was contacted by a male complainant in reference to a lady that had been calling him five to six times a night.


Complainant stated that he was called to 202 Hempstead 273 on Saturday, 06/09/2012 to check on a car. And   that upon arrival he looked at an older model BMW. Complainant told the white female that had called him that he would check on the parts for the car. Complainant stated that the white female had a black eye and brown hair. He said that she would not stop calling him.


 Deputy Featherston called the number left on complainant’s phone and a female answered and identified herself to the Deputy. Deputy Featherston advised the female that complainant didn't want her to call him anymore or complainant would press charges for Harassment  

Unauthorized Use of Vehicle


On 6-16-12, Deputy Jerry Crider was contacted by a female complainant in reference to unauthorized use of a vehicle.


Complainant stated that she owns a 1995 model Mercury Grand Marquis. And that she took out a loan against the vehicle, with a title loan company. Complainant stated that she has been paying the title loan company, one hundred fifty dollars per month.


Complainant stated that on Friday, 6-15-12, she gave her live in boyfriend the money for the payment to the loan company. Complainant stated that he went to the loan company and while he was there, he paid the loan off without her knowledge.


Complainant stated that she noticed that Christopher had the title to the vehicle and she asked him about it and he told her that he paid the loan off. Complainant stated that she and Christopher got into an argument and he left the house in the vehicle.


Unauthorized Use of Vehicle


 On 6-16-12, Deputy Jerry Crider was dispatched to 126 Highway 73 West, in reference to unauthorized use of a vehicle.


Upon arrival, he met with the male Complainant who    stated that he has a sixteen year old nephew that has been staying at his house, since school closed down for the summer.


Complainant stated that he got up this morning and his 2006 model Ford F-150 and the 16 year old were both missing. Complainant stated that he went looking for 16 year old and the vehicle, but he could not locate them. Complainant stated that when he got home, the 16 year old had returned home with the vehicle.  


After speaking to complainant Deputy Crider spoke to the 16 year old. Who stated that he wanted to ride around, so he took the vehicle without permission, but after taking it, he realized that he had made a big mistake, so he brought it home Hempstead County Juvenile Intake Officer, Bubba Powers was called and advised of the incident. It will be handled in juvenile court.

Theft of Property


On the 15th of June, 2012 at approximately 2112 hours, Deputy Freddie Parks was dispatched to 518 Highway 332 West, in reference to a theft of property.


Upon arrival he met with a female complainant who stated that she had a friend living with her from the 21st of December, 2011 till the 26th of February, 2012.


Complainant told Deputy Parks that during that time she had shown the friend a sterling silver necklace that she had been given by a deceased friend.  Complainant stated that while the friend was staying with her, she had discovered that the friend had not been honest with her about several things and   she asked friend to move out which the friend did.  Complainant stated that on this date, she attempted to view the necklace and found that it was missing.  Complainant stated that she contacted the friend by telephone and asked her if she knew the whereabouts of the necklace.  The friend stated that she did not and told complainant that she had not taken it. She further stated that the necklace was unusual in design and she could recognize it.

Information Only


On 06/15/12 Deputy Charlie Featherston met a person at   the Hempstead County Sheriff’s Office in Hope in reference to an incident with the person’s uncle.


Complainant stated that his uncle had rammed into the back of his ATV in his neighbor’s yard. Complainant said that he dove off after his uncle rammed him to avoid any confrontation. Complainant stated that he wanted a report made in case it happened again.

Criminal Mischief


On 6-15-12, Deputy Crider was dispatched to 221 Highway 299, in reference to vandalism.


Upon arrival, he met with a male victim who stated that sometime between 1630 hours on 6-14-12 and 1800 hours on 6-14-12, someone used an unknown object to break the driver's door window out of his 1983 model Ford pickup. Richard also stated that someone had tried to break out the windshield of the same pickup. Richard stated that he did not know who had done this.

Theft of Services


On 6-15-12, Deputy Jerry Crider was dispatched to 3518 Highway 278 West, in reference to theft of services.


Upon arrival, he met with Hope Water & Light employee, Jeff Campbell. Jeff stated that the electricity to the residence had been disconnected on 5-31-12. Jeff stated that he had received information on this date that someone had used a set of jumper cables and was stealing electricity. Jeff stated that after arriving at this location, he observed a set of jumper cables that were hooked to the electrical line that is owned by Hope Water & Light. Jeff stated that he had received information that this house was rented by an individual and that he had been living here for about three weeks.


While speaking to Jeff, Deputy Crider observed a set of jumper cables that were hooked to the electrical supply line.




Theft of Property


At approximately 1925 hours on 06/14/12 Deputy Jimmy Bush was dispatched to 267 Hempstead 17 in reference to   theft of property.


Upon arrival he spoke with the Victim who stated that someone stole the leads off of two welders he has. He stated the leads were all together 250 feet of #2 copper wires. He stated that he does not know when they were stolen he just noticed them being gone today. He also stated that he paid around $2 a foot for the leads. He stated that he does not know who stole them.

Terroristic Threatening


On Thursday June 14, 2012 Jerry Martin was at the Hempstead County Sheriff Office and stated that he needed to make a report about some phone calls he received last night.  Jerry stated that a female had called and was telling him that if he did not go get Dwayne Mathis out of jail she was going to come over and kill him and his kids and anyone else in his house.


Deputy Barnhill also spoke with another person and she stated that the female had called her and everyone one else at her house and told them the same thing.


Jerry stated that he really did not think a lot about the calls until he spoke with the other person and she told him she received the same kind of calls.


The Criminal Investigation Division is currently investigating this report.

Criminal Mischief


On June 14, 2102 at approximately 1150 hours Deputy Matt Dunham was dispatched to 7110 Highway 67 East in reference to the caller's shed being damaged.


Upon arrival he made contact with Betty Hanson. She told Deputy Dunham that someone damaged her shed. She stated that she uses the tin shed for storage.


She told the deputy that she was at the shed around 1630 hours yesterday and it was fine. She stated that she went out to the shed around 1100 hours today and noticed that it had been damaged. Damage was done to all four corners as well as the doors. It appeared that the suspect took a bar and bent the corners and door. Betty stated that she did not know who damaged the shed.

Criminal Mischief


 On June 14, 2012 at approximately 0805 Deputy Matt Dunham was dispatched to 2011 East 23rd street in reference to a mailbox getting ran over.


Upon arrival he made contact with Mary Hodge. She told me that someone ran her mailbox over last night. She stated that the mailbox was on a metal post with a rim for the base. She also stated that the post had two mailboxes on it, hers and her neighbors. Mary said that she did not know who done it. Mary also stated that the whole assembly was gone.


While Deputy Dunham was searching the area Mary contacted her neighbor. Who told Mary who had ran over the Mail box she told Deputy Dunham that the person responsible had taken the mail box home to fix it. Then return it.

Daniel Powell

Domestic Battery


At approximately 0153 hours on 06/14/12 Deputy Jim Bush was dispatched to 139 Highway 174 North in reference to a domestic battery that has already occurred.


Upon arrival he spoke with Shelby Powell. Shelby stated that she and her husband got into an argument at their house at 642 Hempstead 10.


She stated that she was packing her things and leaving and he started questioning her about a bank statement. She stated that they were arguing on the front porch and he was smoking a cigarette. She stated that he then grabbed her by the arm and threatened to burn her with the cigarette.

Deputy Bush observed a bruise on her left arm. She stated that he let her go and she grabbed her stuff and left.


Deputy Bush then went to 642 Hempstead 10 to speak with Daniel Powell. Daniel stated that they were arguing. He said that she got into his face during the argument and he grabbed her arm to keep her back.  .


Daniel Powell was arrested for Domestic Battery Third with a court date of July 16, 2012. He was transported to the Hempstead County Detention Center.

Terroristic Threatening


At approximately 2345 hours on 06/13/12 Deputy Jim Bush was dispatched to 360 Hempstead 17 in reference to a terroristic threat.


Upon arrival he spoke with a female victim who stated that she received a few calls from a blocked number. The most recent one was a male stating that he was in her front yard and is burning her house down. She stated she was not at her house at the time but was just down the road. She drove by the house and did not see anyone. She also said that she has received calls from what sounds like the same person calling her a whore. She advised Deputy Bush that she does not recognize the voice.

Theft of Property


At approximately 1630 hours on 06/13/12 Deputy Jimmy Bush was dispatched to about the 1700 block of Hempstead 26 in reference to theft of property.


Upon arrival he spoke with Jeff Grassie. Jeff stated that someone stole approximately 25 6' T-Posts green in color, from his property on Hempstead 26. He stated that they cost about $4.50 a piece and all together worth about $112.50. He stated he has no idea of who stole them.  


 Residential Burglary


On 06/13/12 at approximately 1400 hours, Deputy Michael Braddock was dispatched to 3516 Highway 278 West, in reference to someone breaking into a residence.  


Upon arrival, he met with Iris Bohanon. Iris said that someone had broken into her front door. She said that this morning at approximately 0630 hours, she noticed where the front door appeared to have been kicked in.


She said that she also noticed that whoever kicked the door in also left one insulin syringe in the living room near the front door and four insulin syringes still in the bag near the front door, all in the floor.


She said that she didn't hear anything last night or this morning, that would have made her get up. She said that she had found the front door shut and locked back up. She said that she didn't know who did this. Iris valued the damages to the front door to be $100.00. Iris said that she went to bed at approximately 2230 hours last night on 06/12/12.  Iris said that she couldn't find anything stolen or missed placed at this time.  




On 06/13/12 at approximately 1350 hours, Deputy Michael Braddock was advised to contact, Ruby Parrish in reference to a scam.


Deputy Braddock made contact with Ruby. Who said that she has been receiving phone calls from a person by the name of, Johnny Peterson since yesterday on 06/12/12? She said that Johnny told her that she has won a new car, $1,000.000.00 in cash and $850.00 check. She said that Johnny told her to send him a $185.00 check to Western Union, with the check addressed to Goulbourne Smith Bank in St. James, Jamaica. She said that Johnny told her that the $185.00 check was for her to be able to receive the car and money. Ruby said that she couldn't remember Johnny's company name, when he told her.


Ruby said that Johnny has called her from to different phone numbers, Deputy Braddock called both phone numbers and no one answered the phone. He advised Ruby not to send the check, that it was a scam. 

Theft of Property


On June 13, 2012 at approximately 1140 hours Deputy Matt Dunham was dispatched to 3811 Highway 371 in Mc Caskill in reference to a theft.


Upon arrival he made contact with Betty Steward. She stated that she noticed some of her husband's items were missing from her residence. She stated that she noticed that a house jack was missing from the yard, 3 McCulloch chain saws and a cross cut saw missing from her shed, and 9 different fishing poles from the camper shell on her truck. Betty stated that she did not know who may have stolen the items.



On June 13, 2012 at approximately 0930 Deputy Matt Dunham was   dispatched to come to the lobby of the Detention Center and speak with a subject about harassment.


Upon arrival he made contact with John Martin. Who told Dunham that he owns some vacant lots on Catfish Street, John stated that a person who lives next to the property keeps driving through his lots and parking a truck on his lot.


Deputy Dunham went to Catfish Street. Upon arrival John showed me the lots. John stated that he has tried to talk to the person about driving though the lot. He stated that every time he speaks to her she cusses him.  


Deputy Dunham then contacted the person and spoke with her. She stated that John keeps coming onto her property and harassing her about the property line.


Deputy suggested both parties to work together to resolve the problem or take the matter in Civil Court.


Suspicious Person


On June 13, 2012 at approximately 0800 hours Deputy Matt Dunham was dispatched to 191 Hempstead 36 in reference to a suspicious person.


Upon arrival he made contact with Nicholas Crapps. He told deputy Dunham that someone came into his driveway. He stated that on June 12, 2012 at approximately 1300 hours he observed a male subject walking up his driveway towards his house. Nicholas stated that he then walked outside and the subject took off running.


Nicholas stated that he later seen the same subject drive by his residence in a late 90's model Ford Explorer, tan in color. Nicholas then told me that around 0800 hours the same subject came walking up his driveway again. He stated that his wife went outside and the subject took off running again. Nicholas stated that the subject appeared to be a Hispanic male.


Nicholas said that he does not know where the subject lives or why he keeps coming to his property. Deputy Dunham advised Nicholas that he would put an extra patrol log out for his residence.


Medical Emergency Assist


On the 12th of June, 2012 at approximately 2201 hours, Deputy Parks was dispatched to the corner of Hempstead 39 and Highway 29 North, in reference to a medical emergency. 


While in route to the location, Blevins Constable Paul Hensen contacted Parks by radio and advised that a female, identified had fallen and hurt her head.  He advised that EMS had arrived at the location. 


Deputy Parks spoke to the EMS technicians at the scene.  And was advised that the female victim had been drinking heavily and had a fallen on the back of her head.  Deputy Parks was unable to speak to the Victim at the time, due to her condition. The female victim was transported to Medical Park Hospital for evaluation.

Illegal Dumping

 On the 12th of June, 2012 at approximately 1700 hours, Deputy Freddie Parks was contacted in reference to illegal dumping that had been reported on Hempstead 248.


Deputy Parks went to Hempstead 248 and was met by the caller at an access road next to the I-30 overpass.  Deputy Parks observed a significant amount of trash that had been dumped.  Within the litter he observed several email, eBay receipts addressed to possible suspects.


Deputies Parks will continue investigate and gather information for prosecution of

the responsible person (s).

 Criminal Mischief


On 06/12/2012 Deputy Featherston was dispatched to 216 Hempstead 156 in reference to criminal mischief.


Upon arrival he met with Gary W. Clayton. Gary stated that he came into town on June 11, 2012. He said that he went by to check on his house.


He found the rear side door open. Gary stated when he walked into the house he noticed there were holes in the wall throughout the house and ceiling. Gary stated the bathroom in the hall way had the mirror and the toilet busted. The gas heater that was in the living room was thrown in the bathroom. Gary stated the windows were broken in the back bedrooms. Gary stated it would cost around five thousand dollars to fix the damage to the house.


Gary stated that the person who he thought was reasonable for the damage was a person who was supposed to be buying the house. But had been defaulted on making payments may have moved out of state to Texas. 


Criminal Trespass



On 6/12/12 Sgt. Josh Powell was dispatched to Hempstead 26 in reference to a fence that was cut.


Upon arrival he met with Ricky Hamilton, the care taker of the property.  Ricky stated that he was traveling On Hempstead 26 and noticed that the fence was cut on a hay meadow that leads to their cattle corral.


Ricky stated that he called his son David Hamilton to let him know about the incident.  David then called the Sheriff’s Office to report it.  Ricky stated that after he stopped to look at the fence he noticed tire tracks that appeared to be from a dual wheel vehicle and a single tire track possibly from a trailer being pulled by the dually.  The fence appeared too been smashed flat in a small area then broke.  The fence did not appear to be cut by cutters. 


Ricky walked towards the corral to look to see if any cows were missing. It appeared that the vehicle drove around in the pasture and left the area through the same place in the   fence. 


We counted the cows as the cows came into the lot and it appeared that none of them were missing. There were sixteen rolls of hay in the field where the fence was down.  It was not clear on what the vehicle was going to do once inside the field.  

Identity Fraud


On 6-12-12, Deputy Jerry Crider was contacted at the Sheriff's Department, by a victim of financial identity theft/ fraud.


Victim stated that she has a checking account with Bank of the Ozarks but she has not written any checks in over a year, because she uses a debit card. Victim stated that in the last week of May, 2012, she started noticing discrepancies on her account balance. Victim stated that she found out on this date that there had been four checks written on her account that she did not write.  Matter is under investigation by Criminal Investigation Division.

Burglary / Theft of Property


On 6-12-12, Deputy Jerry Crider was dispatched to 3581 Highway 67 West, in reference to residential burglary.


Upon arrival, he met with Lorenzo Gomez. Lorenzo stated that sometime between 1430 hours on 6-11-12 and 0230 hours on 6-12-12, someone broke into his house and took numerous items.


Lorenzo stated that as he returned home from work, he noticed that all of the inside lights were on and the carport light and the front porch lights were off. Lorenzo stated that as he exited his vehicle, he found his gold colored cross, lying on the driveway. Lorenzo stated that he walked under the carport and noticed some strike marks on the French door, as if it had been hit with some kind of object. Lorenzo stated that after entering the house, he noticed that his bed mattress had been turned over. Lorenzo stated that he determined that someone had taken an Alltel laptop computer, eighty, one dollar bills, a large drinking glass that contained a lot of loose change, a large picture of Scarface, holding a machine gun and a pair of size eight, Michael Jordan, tennis shoes.


 Lorenzo stated that he went into the bathroom and discovered that the window was broken, so he went outside to the bathroom window and saw that the screen had been taken off and a single bit chopping ax was leaned up against the south wall of the house. Lorenzo stated that this ax is usually propped up against the wall, under the carport. Lorenzo stated that he went back into the house and discovered that someone had taken five bottles of Mexican wine and three shot glasses from the kitchen area. Lorenzo also stated that someone had taken the screen off of the kitchen window.






Criminal Trespass


On the 11th of June, 2012 at approximately 2200 hours, Deputy Freddie Parks was dispatched to 344 Oak havens Road, in reference to a criminal trespass. 


Upon arrival, he met with Mayra Garcia.  Mayra stated that she left the residence at approximately 1200 hours on this date and when she returned at approximately 2130 hours, she observed writing on her concrete sidewalk. 


Deputy Parks also observed writing in blue chalk on the sidewalk. The writing stated that "I watered you dogs and goats again, take care of your animals or the police will, 2 days no water."  Deputy Parks observed that the message was written with blue chalk.  Mayra told Deputy Parks that the chalk belongs to her children.


Mayra stated that she waters and feeds her pets.  Mayra showed Deputy Parks two pins in the back yard.  One of the pins contained two small dogs.  The Deputy observed food and water in the pin.  The second pin contained two goats.  And observed food and water in the pin.  The dogs and the goats appeared to be in good health.


Deputy Parks asked Mayra if she had been confronted by any of her neighbors concerning the animals.  She said she had not. Deputy Parks observed that the house next door was vacant.  Mayra told me that she doesn't have any immediate neighbors and did not have any idea who may have written the message. Mayra stated that she would talk to the Mayor of Oakhaven the following day to find out if anyone had complained.  She stated that she would contact the Deputy when she found out anything further. 


Residential Burglary / Theft of Property


On the 11th of June, 2012 at approximately 1816 hours Deputy Freddie Parks was dispatched to 334 Hempstead 185, in reference to a residential burglary. 


Upon arrival, he met with Carolyn Winemiller.  Carolyn stated that a fire proof lock box containing six hundred dollars cash, a cascade shaped diamond cluster ring, a diamond shaped diamond cluster ring, an amethyst birthstone ring, and a diamond and emerald bracelet had been taken from the residence.  She told me that she had known that the box was in the house when she left at approximately 0730 hours on this date but was missing when she returned home at approximately 1645 hours.  There was no sign of forced entry and Carolyn stated that the back door to the residence was not locked.

Suspicious Person


On 06/11/12 Deputy Charlie Featherston was dispatched to 5319 highway 29 south, in reference to a suspicious person around the resident.


Upon arrival he met with Lisa Shepherd. Lisa stated that she was in her house when she heard someone knocking on the back door. She said she looked out the living room window and saw nobody outside. Lisa said she then heard a knock on the front door. She said that she didn't answer the door.


 Lisa stated that on Friday night someone had knocked on the back door about the same time. Lisa said Friday night she saw the person. She said he was a white male about middle thirties. Lisa stated that she had gotten a license plate number and provided it to Deputy Featherston who radioed dispatch and ran the license plate; it came back to an individual in the 5500 block of highway 29 south. 


Lisa stated that she had a portable carport that had been damage in a wind storm. Lisa said that the carport was chained to a gate post. She said today when she returned home the carport had been unchained and had been drug about 150 yards towards the woods from her house.


Deputy Featherston made contact with the person in the 5500 block highway 29 south. Who stated that he had stopped by the other night and tonight, 06/11/12 to ask about the damage carport? He said that he didn't mean to bother anybody. Deputy Featherston advised the individual not to return to the Ms. Sherpard residence or he would be arrested the individual stated that he would not.

Theft of Property


On 6/11/12 Sgt. Josh Powell was contacted by Cody Burchfield in reference to some property being stolen. 


Cody stated that she is the mother of Bradley Burchfield, who is currently incarcerated in Hempstead County Detention Center.


Cody said that after Bradley got arrested she was going to gather his stuff from his rent house to take to her home.     And walked to the back porch of Bradley’s house and the property was gone. Cody said the items that are listed as stolen were on the back porch a week before she had come back to get them. 





On 06/11/2012 at approximately 07:20 Deputy Steve Glover was contacted by Johnny Ray Phillips of Washington, AR who stated that there was a subject over at the Pioneer Store located at State Highway 278 and State Highway 195 that was creating a disturbance.


Upon arrival, Deputy Glover entered the store, and Jill Scott, the alleged victim, was sitting at a table.  Ms. Scott informed me that she had a one hundred bill missing.  I asked Ms. Scott to step outside where I took a statement from her.


Jill stated that she came to the store to purchase a sausage biscuit and that she had handed the store clerk a one hundred ($100.00) dollar bill to pay for the biscuit.  Ms. Scott stated that the store clerk did not have change for the bill. And now the bill was missing.


Upon asking Jill if the clerk gave the bill back to her, she stated she could not remember, but she had gone back to the car and put her grandson in the car and started to leave, but noticed the bill missing.


Deputy Glover then re-entered the store to speak with the store clerk, who stated that Ms. Scott had come into the store and ordered a sausage biscuit for her grandson, and attempted to pay with a one hundred ($100.00) bill, but that she did not have change for the bill and handed the one hundred ($100.00) bill back to Ms. Scott, after which Ms. Scott pulled three (3) one dollar ($1.00) bills from her pocket, paid for the biscuit and then went to the car and placed her grandson in the car.


The Clerk stated that after Jill placed her grandson in the car, she came back into the store and stated that the one hundred dollars was missing and she could not find it, wanting to know where it was.  The Store clerk said that she informed Jill that she had returned the money to her and did not know where it was.


The Clerk stated that Jill then began to get disorderly, creating a problem at the store and one of the customers,


While Deputy Glover was in the process of obtaining statements, Deputy Jerry Crider had dispatch conduct a warrants check on Ms. Scott and a warrant for the City of Hope was located.


Deputy Glover informed Ms. Scott of the warrant and called a friend of Ms. Scott’s to pick up her grandson.   


Upon his arrival, the friend moved Ms. Scott’s car from in front of the store out of the way and in doing so located the one hundred dollar bill that was missing.  He handed Deputy Glover the bill and he returned it to Ms. Scott.


Deputy Glover then transported Ms. Scott to the Hempstead County Detention Center where she was served with the warrant.


Ms. Scott then used the hundred dollar bill to post bond for her warrant.

Leaving the Scene of an Accident


At approximately 0200 hours. Deputy Jimmy Bush was dispatched to Medical Park Hospital in reference to someone wanting to report a hit and run.


Upon arrival he spoke with Yvette Harris. Yvette stated that she was at an unknown address on Hempstead 314 at around 1800 hours. She stated she was standing on the outside of her vehicle reaching to  the driver side window for her cigarettes when a man she knows pulled in and with his vehicle hit her, pinning her against her vehicle. She stated he then put the car into reverse and backed out twisting and dragging her down the side of her vehicle. The man was driving an older model Monte Carlo brown in color. She stated that Man never stopped to check on her he just kept going and left. Yvette later around 2100 hours decided to go to the hospital.  The Victim stated that she wants to pursue charges on the man.


Harassing Communications


At approximately 1558 hours on 06/10/12 Deputy Jim Bush was dispatched to 5836 Highway 29 north in reference to Harassing Communications.


Upon arrival the victim stated she received a call from a blocked number. She stated that she could tell it was a young black male speaking. She said that he said "Just in case you decide to take things further". She said after he said that he started saying something about voting.

Barn Fire

On June 4, 2012 at approximately 0600 hours Deputy Matthew Dunham was dispatched  to the 6600 Block of Highway 278 West in reference to a barn on fire.


Upon arrival, he observed a metal barn on fire. Yancy Fire Department already had the fire contained before my arrival. Deputy Dunham then spoke with the owner of the property named Clovy Keaster.


She told Deputy Dunham that she was last at the farm on June 3, 2012, at approximately 1500 hours and everything was fine. She stated that there were 336 round bales of hay, an older model Honda four wheeler, an unknown model generator, a John Deere pull behind cart, 20 rubber culverts, and a 16 foot stock trailer damaged due to the fire. Clovy stated that she did not know what caused the fire.  


Criminal Mischief


On June 4, 2012 at approximately 0810 hours Deputy Matthew Dunham was dispatched to the Springhill Fire Department in reference to a window being busted out of a road grader.


Upon arrival he made contact with J.C. Hampton. He told Deputy Dunham that he is the mechanic for the Hempstead County Road Crew and that sometime over the weekend someone busted out two windows of a road grader. He stated that the damage was estimated to be about 800 dollars for both widows.

He stated that the last time anyone was around the grader was approximately 0730 hours on Friday. Deputy Dunham observed two widows busted out of the grader. The widow on the right side appeared to be busted from outside and the window on the left side appeared to be busted out from the inside. While looking at the windows Deputy Dunham observed several plastic balls that appeared to be for an airsoft bb gun lying on the ground.


Breaking And Entering


On June 4, 2012 Deputy Matthew Dunham was contacted by Greg Kidd.  Greg stated that somebody broke into one of his trailer houses. Greg stated that he uses the trailer house at 6134 Highway 278 West as a storage building. He stated that he went to the trailer house on June 1, 2012 and noticed several items missing.


Mr. Kidd stated that there were 10 roles of insulation, an Amana washing machine, and a black and chrome electric cook stove missing.


Animal Cruelty


At approximately 1615 hours on 06/05/12 Deputy Jim Bush was dispatched to 109 Agan Road in Saratoga in reference to an animal cruelty.


Upon arrival he spoke with Sandra Patton. Sandra stated that someone killed her chickens sometime this morning. She stated that she is staying with someone but she comes back to her residence at 109 Agan Rd. to water and feed her chickens and dogs.


 She stated that she came back today to see that all 24 of her chickens where killed. The chickens were all moved prior to Deputy Bush’s arrival. She also stated that she found a silver ring next to the chicken coop that she believes belonged to whoever done this. Deputy Bush took the ring as evidence.  

 Residential Burglary / Theft of Property


At approximately 1910 hours on 06/05/12 Deputy Bush was dispatched to 3415 West Avenue B in reference to a residential burglary.


Upon my arrival he spoke to Josh Tharp. Josh stated that sometime today his Play Station 3 was stolen worth approximately $250 along with a game called Shadow Warriors worth approximately $20. He said that he noticed it was gone when he told his son that he was going to take it from him if he didn't start acting right. He stated that he is renting the Play Station 3 from Right Choice.     


There were no signs of forced entry to the house. Deputy Bush asked him if he had any idea on who did it and he stated that he couldn't think of anyone.

 Criminal Trespass


At approximately 2110 hours on 06/05/12 Deputy Bush was dispatched to 1010 North East Conway Street in reference to a criminal trespass.


Upon arrival he spoke with Rodney Hatfield. Rodney said that he takes care of the place and that he was putting a hose in the swimming pool and he noticed the light was on in a cabin behind the house. He stated that he could see someone looking at him through the window. He then left the scene and called us.


Deputy Bush then went to the cabin the front porch was on and a window near the back was opened, Deputy Bush then entered the cabin and cleared it. There was not anyone inside. Deputy Bush then got Rodney to come in with him He told me that it did not seem like anything was messed with. He stated that the front door was locked from the inside when he left he climbed out of the back window, which is the window they got in from. Deputy Bush was unable to find any evidence of any one being there.




On June 6, 2012 at 10:10 a.m. Deputy Marla Barnhill spoke with Laurice Montgomery that stated someone had knocked her mail box down sometime before 7:30 a.m. this morning.  Ms. Montgomery stated that when she went to her porch to drink her coffee this morning she noticed it was not on post and called her son to have him come put it back up.

Unexploded Proving Ground Shells


On 6-6-12, Deputy Jerry Crider was dispatched to Hempstead 19 and meet with an individual who had found, some unexploded shells dating back to the 1940 during the proving grounds testing.


Upon my arrival, He met with the individual who stated that on Saturday, 6-2-12, he was walking over some timber company property that joins his property and found numerous unexploded shells, from the 1940’s Proving Grounds.


Deputy Crider and the individual went to the location of the shells and Deputy Crider marked the location of each one and took photos of them. Contact was made with the Arkansas State Police Bomb Squad who responded and blew the shells up rendering them harmless.


Breaking and Entering /Theft of Property


On June 08, 2012 at 11:00 a.m. Nita Crews called to report that some items had been taken from her storage shed.  Nita stated that fifty boxes of various items such as books, tools, pictures, a cast iron wood burning stove black in color and some silver items such as spoons, tea set.




Breaking and Entering


On 06-08-2012 at approximately 1430 hours Kathy Stokes called the Sheriff's Office to report her shed being broke into.


Kathy said that she went to her shed to look for a drill bit and noticed that someone had stolen her tools. Kathy was unsure of when this occurred exactly or who done it.     Kathy said that she had contacted her insurance company about the theft and they told her to contact the Sheriff's Office to file a report.

Criminal Mischief


At approximately 1900 hours on 06/08/12 Deputy Bush was dispatched to the 3600 block of Highway 355 south in reference to someone shooting a window out of a car.


Upon arrival he spoke with David and Connie Cupp. They stated that they were heading south on Highway 355 south in about the 3600 block they heard a very loud pop and their passenger side window busted.  


Deputy Bush observed a small hole in the top left of the passenger side window. The rest of the window was spider webbed. The hole did go all the way through the window but Deputy Bush was unable to find any projectiles in the car.


The Victims stated that after they stopped they heard about 3 shots from a small caliber gun in the area of where the window was shot. Deputy Bush stayed in the area and spoke with a few residents in the area a couple of them heard the shots some didn't. The Deputy was unable to find anyone in the area shooting and did not hear any shots while he was in the area.  

Domestic Battery 3rd Degree


At approximately 0117 hours on 06/10/12 Deputy Jim Bush was dispatched to 395 Hempstead 210 in reference to a domestic.


Upon arrival he spoke with Ia Yang. Ia stated that that her and her husband Kaye Yang got into an argument. Ia stated that she told him to leave but he wouldn't leave. Deputy Bush asked Ia if there was any physical contact she stated that she had pushed him and that he pushed her too.


Bush then spoke with Kaye Yang he also stated they got into an argument he said that she got mad and told him to leave. Bush also asked him if there was any physical contact he also stated that they pushed each other. Neither Ia nor Kaye had any injuries or marks. Both parties wanted to press charges and since both seemed to be aggressors towards each other Bush arrested both for Domestic Battery Third. Deputy Bush was unable to get a lot of details from either party due to a language barrier.


Deputy Bush arrested Ia Yang and wrote her citation for Domestic Battery Third with court date of July 9, 2012, and transported her to the Hempstead County Detention Center. Bush also arrested Kaye Yang and wrote him a citation for Domestic Battery Third with the court date of July 9, 2012.



Domestic Battery 3rd Degree


On June 9, 2012 at approximately 0400 hours Deputy Matthew Dunham was dispatched to Saratoga Landing in reference to a 911 call. Dispatch advised that a female subject called and stated that someone was beating her. The caller then hung up the phone before the dispatcher could get an exact location. While in route dispatch advised Deputy Dunham that they made contact with the caller again and she stated that she was in a green Ford Ranger at the camp sites.


 Upon arrival at site 16 at Saratoga Landing Deputy Dunham observed a female subject sitting in front of a green Ford Ranger as well as a male subject lying face down with his hands behind his head. Deputy Dunham first made contact with the white male and placed him in handcuffs. And then spoke with the female caller identified as Candice Blake.


She told Deputy Dunham that the male subject identified as Timothy Conaster beat her. She stated that Timothy started beating her for no reason. While speaking to Candice Deputy Dunham noticed that she seemed intoxicated. She stated that Timothy hit her numerous times. Deputy Dunham observed that Candice's face was swollen and she had scratches on her left leg as well as her right arm. Candice advised paramedics that she would like to go to the hospital to get checked out. Candice was transported to Medical Park Hospital.


Deputy Dunham then placed Timothy in the back seat of my patrol unit. Timothy told Dunham that Candice jumped on him for no reason. Timothy stated that Candice got drunk outside the camper and passed out. He stated that he was attempting to take Candice back inside the camper when she woke up and started punching him in the head. Deputy Dunham observed a mark on the top of Timothy's head as well as a mark on his left and right arm.


Timothy was transported to the Hempstead County Detention Center where he was booked for Domestic Battery 3rd with a court date of July 2, 2012. Timothy was also served warrant number WR-10-3749.



 At approximately 0650 hours Deputy Dunham went to Medical Park Hospital and placed Candice under arrest for Domestic Battery 3rd. Candice was transported to the Hempstead County Detention Center and booked in for Domestic Battery 3rd with a court date of July 2, 2012.

Train / Pedestrian Accident



On the 7th of June, 2012 at approximately 2221 hours, Deputy Charlie Featherston was dispatched to the train tracks directly behind Hope in Action #2 in reference to a pedestrian having been hit by a Amtrak train. 


City of Hope Police Officers had originally been dispatched and were at the location with EMS prior to Deputy Featherston’s arrival.  Deputy Featherston and Parks arrived at the scene and observed a white male being placed on a back board.  The male identified himself as George Michael Metts. Age 37 of Freeport, Texas stated that had been staying at Hope in Action for approximately two days. 


Deputies met with the engineer, who stated that the train originated out of San Antonio Texas.


The Engineer stated that he had set the brake to slow the train as he neared town. After he set the brake he observed a white male standing in the middle of the tracks and was waving his arms around oddly.


 The Engineer said that he activated the horn and did not release it. And when it appeared that the man was not going to move from the tracks he activated the train's emergency braking system.  And "at the last minute" the man jumped to engineer's right to attempt to avoid the train.  The Engineer said that he felt a "thud."


The engineer said that the track speed limit is 75 mph until reaching the crossing located at Generator Street. With the speed limit dropping to 65 mph at Generator.  And said that the train was traveling approximately seventy miles per hour when the incident occurred.  



George Michael Metts was transported by Pafford EMS to St. Michael's Hospital for treatment.  


Arrested For Thefy of Property


Isaac Earl Golden, 22 of Hope.

 Donita M. Arnold 29, of Hope


George Edward Adams III, 22, of Texarkana, Texas,


 On 05/29/12 Hempstead County Sheriff James Singleton was contacted by Diana Westbrook in reference to a theft in progress. Ms. Westbrook advised that Don Honea had just seen his bumper pull stock trailer go by his house hooked to a white Dodge extended cab pick-up. Ms. Westbrook said that Don was behind the vehicle going towards Mc Caskill, Arkansas on Hempstead 23. While in route Sheriff Singleton advised that he made contact with Don by cell phone and Don told the Sheriff that he made contact with the suspects and they were headed back to his residence at 1437 Hempstead 16.


Deputy Featherston arrived at Don Honea residence and made contact with the subjects. Deputy Jerry Crider and Featherston took the three suspects into custody. The three suspects were identified as George Edward Adams III, 22, of Texarkana, Texas, Donita M. Arnold 29, of Hope, and Isaac Earl Golden, 22 of Hope.


All three suspects were transported to the Hempstead County Detention Center, and booked on Theft of Property charges.  And are awaiting a first appearance the suspects' truck was towed to the Hempstead County Sheriff's Department by Landes Wrecker service.


 Further investigation into other thefts in the county has resulted in the location and recovery of several items that had been reported over the last several weeks. Deputies located a trailer that was stolen from the Ben Waller residence on Hempstead 8 earlier this week at a Pawn Shop in Texarkana, a Walk behind self-propelled lawn mower, and another trailer that was stolen last week from the Patmos area, Deputies have also discovered who was responsible for the theft of a John Deere lawn mower from Highway 278 West, but have yet to locate it.  And the theft of some copper from the Guernsey Area, It is believed by investigators that several burglaries and thefts will be cleared up with the arrest of the three subjects arrested yesterday. The investigation is ongoing and will result in other arrest once completed.



Sheriff Puts New Rescue Boat into Service



Hempstead County Sheriff James Singleton put the County’s new Rescue boat into service last week. The 2012, 17 ½ foot aluminum boat was custom built for Hempstead County Sheriff’s Office by Legend Craft and designed and purchased from Rothwell Marine of Hope, Arkansas.

It Is equipped with a 60 horse power Mercury outboard motor a Hummingbird side scan sonar, GPS, front, rear, and side LED observation spot lights, PA System, Siren, Emergency lights, 17 ½ foot Diamond trailer, two pontoons in the rear for easy access from the water and a soft top.

The boat was paid for with a $17,775.00   grant from Homeland Security through the Office of Emergency Services.  

The boat will be used for search and rescue and patrolling the 13.9 miles of Lake Millwood that is in Hempstead County.

Another $18,000.00 dollar grant will pay to train and certify several divers. The Divers all volunteers will be made up of Firemen from several of the rural fire departments in the county, Fulltime and Reserve Deputies, and a couple of Hope Police Officers. Upon completion of the Dive Training they will be certified as Rescue Divers.

The Boat has a state of the art sonar system and GPS, the side scan sonar will enable Deputies to not only see what is directly beneath them it will also enable them to see underwater on each side and to the rear of the boat. The GPS will let the Deputies plot coordinates and mark areas to be search and areas already searched. The lights in the front, rear, and side are LED so they will not pull as much power

 From the battery allowing for longer lighting at night.  The boat will also be equipped with county and AWIN radios to allow communication with other agencies.

This project has been in the works for about two years and would not have been possible without the help of our County OES Coordinator Jessica Hardin who helped us apply and get the Grants for this equipment and training.  This will be a valuable asset to the County for a long time to come.

Along with the Boat we applied to the Defense Reutilization Program and received a 1987 Military HUMVEE to be used in Search and Rescue operations. The Sheriff’s office was able to obtain the vehicle at a cost of $292.00 (Two Hundred Ninety Two Dollars). It will also be used to tow the boat. 


Hempstead County Sheriff's Smartphone App

Hempstead County Sheriff Introduces Smartphone App

Technology Improves delivery of Information to residents



Hope, Arkansas- Hempstead County Sheriff James Singleton announced today that his office has launched a smartphone app that allows the office to communicate much more effectively with the community. The Hempstead County Sheriff’s Office app is a free download for users and is available for both iPhone and android smart devices.


Users of the app will have access to real-time detention center information, plus lists of non-custodial parents and most-wanted criminals. The Sheriff’s office will also be able to send news and alerts directly to user’s smartphones – notifying them about anything from bank robberies and missing persons to escapes, weather warnings and more.


“The most beneficial and significant feature of this app is that it lets us get important information right to peoples fingertips,” said Sheriff James Singleton. “The app greatly improves our ability to serve the public, and that’s what we’re here for. We’re thrilled that we can provide this to the county.”


The app is also fully integrated with the county’s victim notification service, VINE (Victim Information and Notification Everyday).


“We know that more and more people are getting the information they need from their smartphones,” Said Sheriff Singleton. “We want to make sure we’re using the latest communication technology to keep the public informed, and this app lets us do that.


Hempstead County Investigators are seeking any information on the whereabouts of 58 year old Joseph Christopher Cowart of Hope who has not been seen or heard of since Tuesday May 15, 2012.  

On 05/20/12 Deputies were dispatched to 3096 Highway 174 south in reference to Cowarts uncle not being able to make contact with his nephew,  Joseph Christopher Cowart.  Who is described as a white male, 6’ Tall, 195 lbs, brown hair, brown eyes. Unknown clothing.

Upon arrival Deputies met with Cowarts uncle. Who stated that he hasn't talked to his nephew, Joseph Christopher Cowart since Tuesday, 05/15/2012.

The uncle said that he went to his residence located at 3096 highway 174 south around 1730 hours, knocked on his door and got no answer. He said that he left the residence and returned home to attempt to contact Christopher by telephone.  .

The uncle said that Christopher's truck was still parked under the carport. And the doors to the house and truck were locked. The uncle entered the house and observed that Christopher was not in it. And they walked around the yard and checked the buildings around the house but he was nowhere to be found. The uncle said that he talks to Christopher daily and it was not like him not to call him back when he called.  

Christopher Cowart has been entered in NCIC/ACIC as a missing person.

Anyone with information as to the whereabouts of Cowart is asked to contact the Hempstead County Sheriff’s Office at 870-777-6727.


The Hempstead County Sheriff’s Office is still seeking information on the whereabouts of 31 year old Casey Clark; Clark of Fulton, Arkansas has not been seen or heard from since March 27, 2012.

Below is the original BOLO. Anyone having information or that has been in contact with Casey Clark is asked to call the Hempstead County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigation Division @ 870-777-6727 or contact the Sheriff’s e-mail at sheriff@hempsteadcountysheriff.com


 On Friday March 30, at approximately 1400 hours Melvin Clark reported his 31 year old son Casey Clark missing. Melvin stated that no one had heard or seen Casey Tuesday March 27, 2012. Mr. Clark stated that Casey was staying with a friend at Amandex Apartments and left in that car which was later found at the Boll Weevil Liquor store in Fulton (Miller County). Mr. Clark stated that Melvin also let his wallet in the friend’s apartment.


Casey Clark is described as approximately 5’6” tall, weighing approximately 175 pounds, Black Hair, Brown Hair. Dark complexioned African American Male. It is unknown the type clothes Casey was Wearing or his direction of travel.


Anyone having information as to the whereabouts of Casey Clark is encouraged to call the Hempstead County Sheriff’s Office at 870-777-6727.